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We offer Mylar that is crystal clear and inert, that does not yellow, crack or age, even with constant handling. Our Archival quality Mylar film are exceptionally strong and are resistant to moisture, acids, pollutants and oils.

Mylar films contain no volatile chemicals, which could migrate to the surface and cause damage. With a life expectancy of several centuries, Mylar Archival films will outlast any other plastics. 

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Properties Unit Test Method Data
Thickness Micron-um   100
Film weight G/M2   141
Film Yield M2/KG   7.1
Haze % ASTM D 1003 1.3
Tensile Strength MD MPa ASTM D 882 215
Elongation at break MD % ASTM D 882 150
Melt Temperature oC ASTM E794-85 260
Tensile Strength TD MPa ASTM D 882 225
Elongation at break TD % ASTM D 882 130
Shrinkage MD % ASTM D 1204 150oC 30min 1.0
Shrinkage TD % ASTM D 1204 150oC 30min 0.3
'MD' - Machine direction.
'TD'  - Transverse direction.

The information above is given in good faith and should be considered as a guide only.