Features and Benefits of Mylar Films

Free from all plasticisers, surface coatings, adhesive layers and ultraviolet  inhibitors, non- yellowing.

Tested and proven to withstand of artificial ageing.

Mylar film enclosures allow the contents to be viewed without exposing to contamination, from handling or the environment.


we are committed in providing every client, regardless of order size, with an absolute highest level of customer service. Our ability to efficiently make Mylar rolls to customer's specifications gives a clear economical advantage to our clients all around the world.
Preservation Products Suppliers

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Our Mylar film has been tested to P.A.T. standards (photographic Activity Test) as required under the International Standards Organisation (ISO) standards.

We offer Mylar rolls from 10M to any length with 1 meter width.

Our Mylar film offers optical clarity, strength, rigidity and higher melts temperature than Polypropylene or Polyethylene. This is the most stable and chemically inert plastic used for conservation storage.

Mylar quality films are required for the effective preservation and storage of history, heritage and memories, live for the future generations.