According to US the Library of Congress, the most preferred material for preserving documents is uncoated archival quality polyester film such as our Mylar range of films.

We offer Mylar in crystal clear film that does not yellow, crack or age even with constant handling.  Our archival quality Mylar is exceptionally strong, and is resistant to moisture, acids, pollutants and oils.

We supply Mylar films primarily in 100 micron thickness. With a life expectancy of more than 500 years Mylar archival films will outlast any other plastics.
Mylar clear film
Preservation Products Suppliers


Preservation Products Suppliers is the only archival and conservation quality film stockists and suppliers in Victoria, Australia.

Our Mylar film use in conservation of documents, artwork, maps, photos, certificates, books, posters, postcards or any kind of collectible such as stamps, currency etc.
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